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„I’m woman & mother, adult & child, lawyer & fledgling author, on a quest for my unique destiny and to fulfil my dreams. I’m a restless spirit, with a passion for giving, for doing good, determined to leave a bountiful legacy of my Earthly existence.”

Do you wish to take a peek into the secret garden of your soul to find out who you really are? Do you have what it takes to step into a new dimension of being? To cross the threshold of a mysterious new Universe? Rose Whitsun-Rapson wasn’t quite ready for the dare. The only thing this vivacious, charming and deeply emotional young girl wanted to do was to enjoy her university years in Budapest, which promised to be the best days of her life. Destiny, however, has dealt her a different hand of cards, and will not let her go, no matter how hard she tries to resist. Rose has to find out who she really is. She has to lead a mission which may, perhaps, one Whitsun night in Transylvania, resurrect a long extinct nation of fairies, who return to repopulate the castle of the fairy queen, Lady Rapson, as it rises back from its ruins overnight. If Rose succeeds, come dawn, the mirage and the ghosts of the fairies will no longer have to disappear again for yet another year...

Once upon a time on a train, as I closed my eyes, an enchantingly beautiful three-year-old girl said to me: “The weather’s blue, the fluffy clouds are smiling, and new worlds are waiting to be discovered. Don’t sleep!” So let us awake, and set off on an adventure together!

A. Benedikty