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Rose’s mission in my novel is to resurrect Transylvania’s Fairy Nation from the dead, and to help their descendants alive today to acknowledge and embrace their fairy roots and generosity of spirit. When I was inspired to write the book, the idea also came to me of launching a charity campaign. The story of Rose Rapson was bequeathed to me as a gift from life, and I would like to pay it forward as a gift to others: as an intellectual gift to my readers, and as a gift of tangible assistance to people in need.

Accordingly, I have pledged to give away all net revenues from sales of my first edition in Hungary to the charity “Rose’s fairies” that I have founded. I already have a number of sponsors, collaborating with me on the campaign via donations of some of the sales revenues from their own products or services.

Our starting target – together with IKON Winery – is to raise sufficient funds to buy two infusion pumps for newborn babies, in support of the Neonatal Ward, 1st Department of Paediatrics at Semmelweis University in Budapest. I look forward to more businesses and entrepreneurs soon joining our effort, and so empower us to set even more ambitious goals to help babies and children.

We have designed a special charity product logo to hallmark our campaign, which is also displayed on the cover of Rose Rapson as well as on the labels of the 2015 vintage rosé wines by IKON Winery.

The logo is crafted from the monogram of Rose Rapson, the book’s heroine, comprising two letter “R”s reflected back to back, with the symbol for the third eye above them. These ciphers combine to form the image of a butterfly, the symbol of fairies; but the logo can also be seen as angels, who likewise play an important role in the story. I invite you all to come join us, so we can grow and do good at the same time -- together!