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About the book

“Rose Whitsun-Rapson, a rationalist law student with a lust for life, tempts us on a magical journey as she overcomes her initial scepticism and takes on the mission to bring back to life the long-lost nation of her ancestral foremother, the Queen of the Transylvanian Fairies.”

Rose leaves her rural hometown for university in Budapest, where new friends and an oddball professor gradually help her to realise that life is far more varied than she ever imagined. Still tormented by an old flame, Rose is led, by a chain of bizarre events, to Transylvania, home of the long-lost fairy Queendom ruled by Lady Rapson, Rose’s distant ancestor. She learns about the secret Pact of Silence and Oblivion, which ended the war (and the love!) between Lady Rapson and the Devil himself, and destroyed the Transylvanian fairy nation, whose only hope now is Rose, though nobody knows for sure if she really is the One they have all been waiting for. After some exhilarating training, Rose sets off through the Tree of Life to persuade the Slavic Vilas, the Celtic Sidhe and the German nymph Lorelei to come to Lady Rapson’s castle for the Whitsun Ball, on the only night when the castle comes alive again, and be key players in carrying out the Queen’s cunning plan to rewrite the history of the Transylvanian fairies. If they succeed against ancient jealousy, hurt and betrayal, the ghosts of the fairies will no longer have to disappear again for yet another year…

The story of Rose Rapson is a journey of destiny, spirit and soul. It is a journey from vivacious student life to the timeless legends of the Transylvanian fairy realm, from being a spiritual nihilist to becoming the prophet of the fairies, and from the world of the five senses to one that is visible only through the sixth. Starting out as a child with closed eyes, earnestly acting the grown-up, the heroine – and perhaps the reader too – develops through the rise of her anciently coded instincts and a thrilling chain of adventures into an open-eyed adult rediscovering a child’s ability to be amazed at the every-day gifts the world can offer.

I set out to write an exciting, entertaining piece of light fiction dotted with lots of twists and turns, few descriptive passages, plenty of action and dialogue, but also to pen a heart-to-heart message for receptive eyes and ears, one that is a keeper. In composing the story, I married ordinary, everyday reality, mythology, faith, and modern advances in psychology with the supernatural in general. And out of this splendid blending emerged a tale reminiscent of a bouquet of wildflowers, simply beautiful, and easy for everyone to behold. I wanted my readers – even the less esoterically inclined – to consider the possibility that the whole story might actually be true. After all, our knowledge of the history of our world, its hidden nooks and crannies, with fairies and all, is our legacy handed down by ancient mythology through myriad generations. In Hungary as well as in countless other cultures the traditions hold: neither Christianity nor other faiths have ever cast credible doubt on its foundations.

It is my profoundest wish that the world I have described will enchant my readers and transport them into a world far away from humdrum everyday routines, at least for a while. To create a space for them to freely think about where they belong, where they are headed, and who they really are. In doing so perhaps we will all discover the collective, ancient roots of our Universe, and co-create a brilliant future for all of us. So, Dear Reader, are you Fairy or Angel, Human or Witch, or something else entirely? Plunge headlong into the world of Rose Rapson, and you’ll inevitably find out!